Your ability to live life on your terms is hampered by self-sabotaging behaviour, formed in childhood, habitual negative thought patterns and pent-up emotions from your past that have become trapped in your body’s musculature. My approach delves deep into the core of ‘you’ to create rapid transformation by liberating the unconscious blocks to your fullest potential.
“Nikki’s work is transformational, ground-breaking, and unique.”
Leatham Green, Transformation Director

Nikki J. Owen, Transformationalist

Webinars & Workshops

  • Experiential workshops that enable participants to embody change in thoughts and behaviour and transforms confidence and self-belief.

  • Leading-edge webinars to educate latest thinking on topics ranging from stress, well-being and confidence to authenticity, presence, and energy.


  • Inspirational keynotes on topics ranging from overcoming adversity, healing emotional wounds, enhancing impact and presence.

  • Tailored to different audiences including leadership, women in business, sales, and operational teams.

Personal Breakthroughs

  • Personal breakthrough sessions for leaders wanting to access more of their potential.

  • Individual leadership programmes for leaders experiencing issues with mental health and imposter syndrome.

The Healing Hub

  • Online courses with powerful resources to combat stress, emotional wounding, hormonal issues, addiction, and sleep.

  • Organisations can blend these courses with a supported webinar programme to provide well-being support cost-effectively.